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A few reviews of massage with Sara Albee at Nola Bliss Massage: 

Micheal V. 


This was my first ashiatsu massage; and it was an amazing experience! My entire body was aching and sore from playing flag football, so I decided to try out Sara's technique to help loosen up before running a 5K in a few days. I have had other massages before from various places; but hands down, this was the best experience.  I felt much better afterwards. It was also more relaxing than one would expect for this sort of massage. But the up side is that Sara was able to apply deeper pressure than a traditional masseuse. So if you like deep pressure massage, you should give Sara a try.

Nola Bliss is awesome!
This was the best massage I've ever had in my life! Sara really did an awesome job and I am definitely going back to see her. I love deep tissue massages and she took my experience to a whole new level. She focused on my problem areas and by using her feet, I immediately felt like a brand new person! I would highly recommend Sara to anyone.
Shaun B     
Out of This Freakin World!!!
Wonderful experience, too great to describe. You just have to go see her! I was only used to the traditional form of massage and was blown away by this. Never, never will I go to anyone else!

This was a unique experience since I've never had Ashiatsu before. I was very impressed with the amount of power that Sara was able to exert on my legs and back which truly made it a deep tissue massage. Excellent and professional experience. I would recommend Sara, and will most likely go back whenever I need another massage.

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